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Reviewed by MusicTech Magazine

There is a mass of information here that offers a thorough foundation to anyone starting out with mastering at home.

Reviewed by Kern from Home Recording Weekly

“Mastering Now” is such a great deal, and such an incredible video series! Nicholas masters three songs, using different plugins each time! Not only are we learning mastering but we are also learning plugins too! This is information that most folks in Nicholas’ shoes just never give up. [...] I loved the videos and I will watch them again and again!

Reviewed by Craig from Soundwrx Digital

Zeitgeist Mastering has left no stone unturned in its effort to provide a thorough education for its audience. The lessons are there to be learned by apprentices at all entrance levels, and they should also appeal to the most seasoned of producers looking to get ahead of the game. This is a well structured course that delivers exactly what is needed to move your audio mastering skills forward with the confidence of a truly educated sorcerer.

Reviewed by Fran from MacAbleton

This is a nicely presented course. Nick is very thoughtful as in he thinks about his craft a lot, and clearly wants to teach it properly. His presentation is easy to listen to as well as thorough and clear, so I have no hesitation in recommending this as the ideal way to start mastering your own tracks.

Reviewed by D Menace from Essex Kent London

Wow, just the intro video, of fella telling you 9 tips for sending stuff to masterer, was mind blowing enough, and he had done the course, just been reading up on it, and its a defo thumbs up for me, soon as I've got the money, straight on it ;)

Clear and Concise Mastering
Reviewed by Christopher from Victoria, Australia

Just completed the Master Now course. Considering it cost close to $100 Aussie dollars I was hoping it would Great......and it WAS!
A great insight into both the complexity and simplicity of mastering. Nicholas is a refreshing and unpretentious presenter who really knows how to narrate a good 'how to video'.
As a songwriter and wanna be mastering engineer i really felt I was in the right place. He knows his stuff and shares it liberally.
Would of liked a little more variance in the three mastered track.Track #1 and #3 were interesting, track #2 felt redundant. Would of loved a acoustic or electro folk track with more dynamics. MS could have been covered more.
Overall this course was great. Thanks Nicholas I will be sending you some tracks soon for mastering. Chris