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Mastering Now - The Complete Guide

Delve into the world of Mastering and advance your skills with confidence to learn about this critical part of the Audio Production process!

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The Complete Guide to EQ

If you don't understand EQ well, you can't achieve greatness.  EQ is vital to all stages of the Audio Engineer and Audio Production process!

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Mastering In The Box with Ableton Live

An in depth look at Mastering using only plugins & utilities that Ableton Live has to offer.  As one of the most popular DAW's out there today, it makes sense to learn how to master within this very capable software.  The tips and knowledge provided will be easily applied to all Digital Audio Workstations but is, in this case, kept within the box.

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Mastering Now - An Industry Example

This is an excerpt from the full 'Masteirng Now - The Complete Guide' course...  It covers the mastering of a typical dance track using mainly WAVEs plugins.

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