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Mastering Now - The Complete Guide

An in depth guide to Audio Mastering for all levels from beginner to adcanced.  This guide covers the essential mastering theory and goes through real live industry examples with reknowned mastering Engineer Nicholas D'Ombrain from Zeitgeist Mastering in Berlin.  The perfect choice for anyone wishing to get involved further in the art and the science of Audio Mastering.

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Mastering In The Box with Ableton Live

Working in a pro mastering studio with a wealth of hardware and the best plugins available, it seemed an impossible task for course tutor NIcholas D'Ombrain to limit himself to Ableton Live's built in devices. However, as 8 hours of quality tutorials proves, professional results are entirely possible, and this course shows you how!

Accompanying the tutorials is a Live Template Set, containing a giant Mastering Rack, constructed throughout the course, so students can open up the session and import their own tracks to get going straight away. In addition, there is a written Pro Tips Guide, a Mastering Flow Diagram and 8 Custom Mastering Weapons (Live Racks), which include an Aphex-style Exciter, a Bass Maximiser and various Stereo Enhancement Effects.

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The Complete Guide to EQ

EQ is a vital part of all aspects of Audio, therefore a good knowledge of Equalisation is an essential and powerful tool.  This course covers everything from Spectral Analysis, Linear Phase EQ, Dynamic EQ, Mastering EQ, EQing elements in a mix, visual aids and a whole lot more!  The course also includes very handy and exclusive guides that you can print out and stick on your studio wall!

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Building Custom Mastering Weapons in Live

In these lessons, you will learn how to build custom mastering weapons racks, including an Aphex-style Exciter, a Bass Maximiser and various Stereo Enhancement tools.

In addition to the streamed lessons, all 8 rack presets created on the course come as a downloadable pack, which can be opened up in Live to unleash the power of this devastating mastering arsenal!

These tutorials are part of the complete course - Mastering in the Box with Ableton Live by Zeitgeist Mastering.

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